March Madness


Welcome Gentlemen to the very first post of Christian’s Man Cave. This blog is dedicated to Christian men with a special focus on the sports of the day. We hope you will enjoy this weekly blog and encourage comments and questions. So, without further adieu;

Well, March Madness is upon us and it appears our Gonzaga Bulldogs have won the Western Athletic Conference again. St. Maries put up a good battle and beat us once but it’s on to the “big show”. Selection Sunday (when they put teams in the brackets) is March 11th and the first games begin March 11th through March 14th. I’m sure many of you will be glued to your sets. (old term they used to call a television now known as a flat screen!) For those of you that miss the games, we will post the weekly results right here in the Man Cave.

As fun as March Madness is, it cannot compare to the joy we receive with worshiping and serving the Lord. A daily regimen of Bible reading and study prepares us for the battle. Just like our beloved Bulldogs practice tirelessly to be the best they can be, we too must practice tirelessly to be the best we can be. We are not striving for a spot in the final four, we are striving to be like the ONE, Jesus Christ. God’s desire for us is that we become more like His Son every day.

As we watch all the “madness” in the coming weeks, let it remind us of the diligent work these kids put into becoming the best they can be. Their dedication to one thing should remind us of our dedication to one thing; serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Enjoy the tournament!